For immediate release | August 23, 2018

New iteration: Creating a Culture of Usability in Your Library eCourse

Chicago—ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions announces a new iteration of our popular eCourse, Creating a Culture of Usability in Your Library. Krista Godfrey will serve as the instructor for a 4-week facilitated eCourse starting on Monday, October 22, 2018.

This eCourse addresses the increasing need for libraries to improve user experience by concentrating on usability and usability testing. User experience expert Krista Godfrey explores usability beyond web applications into physical services and teaches you how you can put your users first, can more easily implement user-driven changes that enhance your library, and can incorporate the principles of usability and usability testing into your organization’s values. You’ll walk away from this course with practical strategies to implement a culture of usability and a better understanding of the types of usability testing available and how they function. This eCourse provides you with a foundation in usability that can help you employ the most relevant tools to better understand your users and their needs.

eCourse outline

Week 1: What is usability testing?

a. Usability vs UX

b. Types of usability testing

c. Benefits

Week 2: Usability testing tools

a. What should I test?

b. Usability beyond websites

c. Usability tools

d. Scheduling & compensation

Week 3: Why a culture of usability?

a. Why a culture of usability instead of just testing?

b. Shared values

c. Can I change a culture?

d. Buy in vs join in

Week 4: How can I create a culture of usability?

a. Teams vs solo

b. Who should be involved?

c. How do I get others involved?

d. Moving beyond usability testing on websites

About the Instructor

As a liaison librarian, Krista Godfrey became interested in instructional technologies. Her growing interest in the use of technologies in libraries recently lead her to a position as Web Services Librarian at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she concentrates on the library website, usability, user experience and mobile library resources. She was previously the president/treasurer of the Ontario Library Information Technology Association. She blogs at the wee librarian.

Registration for this ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions facilitated eCourse, which begins on October 22, 2018, can be purchased at the ALA Store. Participants in this course will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection for online message board participation, viewing online video, listening to streaming audio (MP3 files), and downloading and viewing PDF and PowerPoint files.

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