For immediate release | February 21, 2018

NLA Intellectual Freedom Round Table receives the 2017 Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award

The Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) of the American Library Association (ALA) announces that the Nebraska Library Association Round Table for Intellectual Freedom is the 2017 recipient of the Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award.

The Nebraska Round Table for Intellectual Freedom published a new Intellectual Freedom Manual in 2016. Throughout 2017, they traveled the state giving numerous presentations. Their work led to increased awareness of the importance of intellectual freedom in the state and spurred much discussion regarding specific issues such as computer access policies, use of meeting rooms, and labeling collections. They will continue this great work in 2018 and continue to help provide intellectual freedom to all our library patrons.

The award will be presented at ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA at the IFRT Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 23, 7:30 - 9 am.

The Hodges Award recognizes an organization that has developed a strong multi-year, ongoing program or a single, one year project that exemplifies support for intellectual freedom, patron confidentiality, and anti-censorship efforts. The award is named after Gerald Hodges, an ALA staff member from 1989 to 2006. Chapter relations and intellectual freedom were his passions and he willed a portion of his estate to support those efforts. The award consists of $1,000 and a citation and has been given since 2013.


Kristin Pekoll

Staff Liaison

American Library Association

Intellectual Freedom Round Table