For immediate release | December 6, 2016

ALA president responds to member concerns on new administration

Dear Members:

I would like to thank all who have shared their perspectives, questions and opinions. The American Library Association (ALA) has heard your concerns regarding how we should approach the incoming administration. To address these concerns, we have rescinded the “ALA offers expertise, resources to incoming administration and Congress” press release posted to on Nov. 15.

Your comments have illustrated that we need to continue our fight to advance our core values as an association. I will again assure you that I, along with the ALA Executive Board, believe it is more important than ever that we stand up and speak out for equity, diversity, and inclusion within our nation, communities and institutions.

I am providing specific information in the form of a written Q&A, in an attempt to answer some of the questions which have been raised in the past weeks. This Q&A will be updated as needed. In addition, we would like to continue conversations with concerned members as to how the ALA will support our core values as we deal with this new administration and advocate for libraries, library workers and librarians in all communities and institutions. ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta also offers us an excellent opportunity to come together and continue to discuss these issues and others in our Council sessions, committee meetings and in other forums.

We are one ALA and will stand up to promote understanding, diversity, equity and inclusion - no matter the audience - through our communications, our conversations, our work with our communities and with one another. The ALA stands with its members, and as your president I will continue to listen, act and serve.


Julie Todaro

ALA President (2016 - 2017)


Macey Morales

Deputy Director

American Library Association

Public Awareness Office