For immediate release | October 25, 2016

Save the date for the ALCTS Midwinter Symposium Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Creating a New Future for Library Collections

CHICAGO — Equity, diversity and inclusion are important concepts for libraries and librarians as the nation’s population becomes more diverse, inclusiveness more essential, and access to information critical. In fact, equity, diversity and inclusion are so significant that the American Library Association (ALA) has devoted substantial resources to promoting these essential values. Nowhere in the library are these concepts so pressing as in library collections, and the ability of libraries to represent a more diverse clientele, provide the equity of access needed to their collections and include all is tantamount.

The Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) is proud to present its full-day Midwinter Symposium Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Creating a New Future for Library Collections at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, Jan. 20. Part of the extensive Midwinter programming from ALCTS, this symposium examines the critical roles of equity, diversity and inclusion in today’s libraries.This not to be missed event touches on many aspects of library collection, including equitable access to collections, scholarly communication and diversity, diversity and visibility in collection development and management, inclusion and advocacy in cataloging and diversity and inclusion in preservation. Speakers include Courtney Young, Hannah Buckland, Charlotte Roh, Harrison Inefuku, Paolo Gujilde, Emily Drabinski, Ann Marie Willer and Mark Puente.

No matter your role in the library, acquisitions, access, collection management or preservation, library collections are evolving in support of the values of equity, diversity and inclusion. Furthering discussions on metadata, open access and preserving diverse voices in collections are critical as libraries face challenges in a rapidly changing society. This symposium explores the work occurring now, progress made, and what the future holds.

Register today for this timely and important symposium, and join your colleagues for stimulating presentations and riveting discussions on the intersection of collections and equity, diversity, and inclusion at the 2017 ALCTS Midwinter Symposium.

Online registration is available through the ALA 2017 Midwinter Meeting web site. Include this symposium in your conference registration or register for it alone. The cost of this full-day ALCTS symposium is $219 for ALCTS members, $269 for ALA members, $319 for non-members, and $99 for ALA student members and retired members, and the registration event code is ALC1.

A complete listing of ALCTS events at Midwinter is available, and you can follow ALCTS on social media using #alctsmw17 to get the latest details about ALCTS Midwinter programming.

ALCTS is a division of the American Library Association. An international, member-driven association, ALCTS engages the library community on issues and policies that affect the acquisition, management, discovery, and preservation of library collections.


Brooke Morris

Communications Specialist

Brooke Morris