For immediate release | July 19, 2016

New advanced eCourse: Improving Interpersonal Communication

CHICAGO — Offered by ALA Publishing in collaboration with the San José State University School of Information (SJSU iSchool), the new advanced eCourse Improving Interpersonal Communication will help participants with their communication skills.

To run an efficient organization that offers successful library services and fosters a collaborative work environment, effective communication skills are necessary. In this Advanced eCourse, Dr. Sue Alman—an experienced instructor and expert in interpersonal communication—will explore some of the factors that affect interpersonal communications. You will come out of this eCourse with valuable tips that will help you understand different perspectives and recognize communication preferences among individuals. You will learn techniques to resolve conflicts, improve your listening skills and prepare you for effective communication in both in-person and virtual settings. This highly interactive eCourse will use VoiceThread as an asynchronous tool for presentations, discussions and activities.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the eCourse include:

  • Personality Type
  • Communication Models
  • Non-verbal Behavior
  • Diversity and Cross-cultural Communication
  • Characteristics of Groups

Through your participation in this course, you will:

  1. Identify the types of communication methods that can be used in internal/external and virtual/face-to-face situations;
  2. Identify the factors that affect an individual's communication style, e.g., personality preferences, age, gender, socio-economic and educational background;
  3. Develop a Flashes of Insight guide that lists interpersonal communications tips and techniques;
  4. Recognize the possible generational communication styles;
  5. Acquire skills to improve communication with individuals and groups;
  6. Appreciate individual differences;
  7. Identify ways to improve listening and resolve conflicts;
  8. Prepare audio and video responses for VoiceThread discussions;
  9. Reflect on the experience of participating in a small group (optional);
  10. Create a LibGuide (optional).

Participants who complete this Advanced eCourse will receive a SJSU iSchool/ALA Publishing Advanced Certificate of Completion. This certificate will affirm your status as having completed all the steps of an Advanced eCourse on Interpersonal Communication and will provide proof of your participation that you can add to your resume.

The course will be delivered entirely online with coursework completed asynchronously. Within the week-by-week format, students will be able to work at their own pace and interact with Alman and fellow students through emails and message boards without the constraints of attending a live session at a specific time. The advanced eCourse Improving Interpersonal Communication begins on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016.

For more information about the e-Course, including how to register, please visit the ALA Store.

Dr. Sue Alman joined the faculty at the San José State University School of Information in 2012 after a career at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences, where she taught and served as director of online learning. Among her areas of teaching specialization are interpersonal communications, library marketing and public relations, futures studies and leadership and management. In fall 2014, she led a MOOC offered by the SJSU iSchool, The Emerging Future: Technology Issues and Trends, that attracted over 1,700 global participants, and she organized the SJSU iSchool-sponsored Library 2.015 Spring Summit, The Emerging Future: Technology and Learning. Her investigation of interpersonal relationships and personality type began as a doctoral student with Dr. Sara Fine, and she has continued to lead synchronous and asynchronous courses on communication techniques for nearly 30 years.

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