For immediate release | May 12, 2016

Be heard - engage with colleagues at ALA's 2016 Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM16)

CHICAGO — Be heard at ALA’s 2016 Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM16):
American Library Association (ALA) members can help steer the organization’s strategic direction and budget priorities by participating in the annual Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM). This interactive online forum provides real-time access to ALA leaders and opportunities to connect with colleagues about critical areas of ALA’s policy and advocacy work. Members also discuss and vote on resolutions that may possibly be proposed. It is your opportunity to contribute, connect and engage with your colleagues and with ALA. Register for VMM16.
VMM16 will be held from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. (CDT) on Thursday, June 2. Live captioning will be provided so all registrants can participate.
“We want to hear what our members have to say,” said ALA President Sari Feldman. “VVM16 is a terrific opportunity for members to share their vision and to affect the future of ALA. We want to know the issues they care about and their professional goals—and how ALA can be of service.”
Many ALA member-coworkers get together in a group to share the VMM experience. Only the individual member, who officially registered, however, is allowed to participate in a poll or cast a vote. See the ALA VMM16 webpage or the ALA Connect Member Group for information about the upcoming VMM and to exchange perspectives, ideas, and opinions with colleagues in advance.

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