For immediate release | April 12, 2016

A guidebook of RDA essentials

CHICAGO — “RDA Essentials,” co-published by ALA, CLA, and Facet Publishing (CILIP) and available in the U.S. and Mexico through the ALA Store, is a concise guide to cataloging with RDA: Resource Description and Access. It specifically hones in on the needs of those seeking a simplified path to creating basic RDA records. First describing foundational RDA concepts and vocabulary, Thomas Brenndorfer then distills RDA instructions, matching them to cataloging practice in easy-to-follow language. Current with RDA instructions through the April 2015 update to RDA, this guide makes an excellent primer while also serving as a bridge to more complex cataloging. It’s an ideal resource for:

  • small libraries that require standard cataloging but don’t need the in-depth details of the full RDA;
  • LIS students who need an introduction to cataloging;
  • paraprofessionals seeking a ready reference for copy cataloging; and
  • experienced catalogers needing a quick summary of RDA practice.

Brenndorfer began his career in cataloging at the National Library of Canada in 1990. While working at the Guelph Public Library in 1997 he learned about FRBR, which had been presented at a conference on the future of AACR2 in nearby Toronto. He followed the development of FRBR to its full incorporation into a draft of RDA ten years later in 2007. He has given numerous presentations introducing FRBR and RDA concepts at conferences hosted by the Ontario Library Association and Canadian Library Association.

RDA Essentials” is distributed in the U.S. and Mexico through the ALA Store, in Canada through the Canadian Library Association, and elsewhere in the world through Facet Publishing.

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