For immediate release | December 9, 2015

A no-nonsense guide to archives and recordkeeping

CHICAGO — Ideal for professionals involved in the management of archives and records, especially if they are just starting out or without formal training, “The No-nonsense Guide to Archives and Recordkeeping,” published by Facet Publishing and available through theALA Store, covers all aspects of the practice. Based on the internationally renowned training days run by author Margaret Crockett and her business partner, the guide follows records’ journey from creation, through the application of classification and access techniques, evaluation for business, legal and historical value and finally to destruction or preservation and access in the archive. It utilizes checklists, practical exercises, sample documentation, case studies and helpful diagrams to ensure a very accessible and pragmatic approach, allowing anyone to get to grips with the basics quickly. Divided into four main work areas, the book covers:

  • current records, including creation, filing, classification and security;
  • records management, including aims, risks, planning, preparation and delivery;
  • archives management, including collecting policies, intellectual property rights, appraisal, digitization and outreach; and
  • archival preservation, including policy, disaster prevention and repositories.

Crockett is a qualified consultant in archives and records management with over 20 years of professional experience and is one of the two partners in the Archive-Skills Consultancy Ltd.

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