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Participate in the 2014 ALA Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM14)

CHICAGO — ALA members have an online forum that gives them a chance to be heard - Virtual Membership Meetings.

Virtual Membership Meetings (VMM) provide an important way for personal members to affect what ALA does. All ALA personal members may register for and participate in the VMM, which are part of ALA's ongoing efforts to reach out interactively to members about its strategic direction, budget priorities and topic of interest. During the meetings, ALA leaders present information about topics of interest to the general membership. Register for VMM14.

2013-2014 ALA President Barbara Stripling states, "I will provide updates on my presidential initiatives, discuss ALA’s new strategic advocacy, policy and professional development initiatives, and address ALA’s budget and financial picture." Stripling reminded members, "VMM14 will serve as an open forum/chat covering topics ranked by members in a poll at the beginning of the meeting and an opportunity to discuss and vote on resolutions or testimonials offered by members on which all current ALA personal members may vote."

The 2014 Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM14) takes place from 2 - 3:30 p.m. (CDT) on Thursday, June 5. Live captioning is provided for all participants. The meeting will begin with a report and update regarding ALA’s strategic initiatives. These updates will be followed by an opportunity to discuss and vote on any resolutions offered by members. Resolutions must be submitted no later than 2 p.m. (CDT) on May 29, 2014. Following that, an open forum on topics chosen by members in a recent online survey will take place via text chat.

To provide a visual way to share what’s happening at your library, VMM14 will incorporate images and video (links) that you submit. We request that the images/video (links) shows either your library’s community involvement/outreach OR the unique and interesting things that make your library a 21st-century library. To submit your images/video (links) you will need to follow these instructions:

  • Go to the online submission form to submit your image. Submissions will not be accepted via any other source.
  • Not all images/video will be able to be used. ALA retains the right to determine which images/video will be used in VMM14.
  • Be sure you have the rights/permissions to use the image/video.
  • Videos can be no longer than 30 seconds. Preference will be given to videos shorter than 30 seconds. Links to YouTube can be submitted.
  • Black & white or color images are acceptable. Brief captions for your image will be required on the submission form. Photos should be submitted in .png or .jpg format no larger than 600 x 600 pixels. ALA may resize.
  • Image/video submission gives ALA the right to use the images in VMM14 and in the promotion of VMM14 and VMM15. Images/video not used in VMM14 may be posted by ALA on the VMM14 ALA webpage or the VMM14 ALA Connect group to allow sharing with a wider group of members.

Many members gather a group of co-workers to view the VMM together. It is a chance for sharing among immediate colleagues and among colleagues across the country and even the world. If you have a group viewing please remember, if a poll or vote is taken during the VMM, only the individual member who officially registered may vote. Take photos of your group and submit them to ALA. (See the instructions above).) We'll post some of them on the ALA website, on ALA Connect, and may use them when we promote the 2015 Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM15).

See the ALA Connect Member Group for information about upcoming VMMs and to participate in pre-meeting discussions. It is your opportunity to exchange perspectives, ideas, and opinions with both old and new colleagues and friends.

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Ron Jankowski

Membership Director

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