For immediate release | May 12, 2014

Advocating for Better Salaries Toolkit new edition available

CHICAGO — The American Library Association – Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) has released the fifth edition of its Advocating for Better Salaries Toolkit. It is available free of charge. Initially created in 2002, the revised Toolkit is designed to help library workers advocate and negotiate for better salaries and address pay equity issues in a post-recession, more-with-less environment.

While too many salary negotiation and library advocacy resources are one-size-fits-all, the Advocating for Better Salaries Toolkit addresses the varied needs, interests and capabilities of library workers, including support staff, librarians and library managers, in public, academic or special libraries. Readers will find guidance on determining fair market value, comprehensive negotiation strategies for both individual workers and union members and targeted advice for librarians seeking faculty status and managers looking to raise staff pay. Since the release of the fourth edition in 2007, the Toolkit has been updated to reflect the economic concerns of today’s library workers, with sections on incorporating pay issues into library advocacy campaigns, negotiating in a saturated labor market, and the continued importance of recruiting, rewarding, and retaining a quality library workforce.

Thanks to the members of the ALA-APA Standing Committee on the Status and Salaries of Library Workers (SSLW) participating in the revision, specifically authors Jennifer Dorning, Tara Dunderdale, Shannon L. Farrell, Aliqae Geraci, Rachel Rubin and Jessica Storrs.

ALA-APA is a companion organization to the American Library Association (ALA), established “to promote the mutual professional interests of librarians and other library workers.”


Lorelle Swader


American Library Association – Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA)