For immediate release | June 18, 2013

Susan M. Schnuer receives 2013 John Ames Humphry/OCLC/Forest Press Award

CHICAGO — The American Library Association's (ALA) International Relations Committee has chosen Susan M. Schnuer, associate director at the University of Illinois' Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, to receive this year's John Ames/Humphry/OCLC/ Forest Press Award .

OCLC/Forest Press donated the cash award of $1,000, which is given to an individual for significant contribution to international librarianship.

Schnuer, who has served in various capacities within ALA, is well known in the international community through her work in international development. She has demonstrated passion and genuine interest in cultivating and mentoring the next generation of librarians.

Since 1992, Schnuer’s contributions have been remarkable and noteworthy for their far-reaching achievements in supporting the university’s commitment to welcoming the world. Her vision, commitment and organizational skills, along with her ability to create positive working relationships with librarians with diverse cultural backgrounds has been integral to the success of the Mortenson Center in fulfilling its mission. Most importantly, her contributions have placed a consistent focus on empowering others with the skills and knowledge needed to become trainers and leaders within their own communities.

Schnuer took a leadership role when working with the Carnegie Corporation and MacArthur Foundation grants that supported academic libraries in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. Through her persistent and patient work with colleagues in these countries, Schnuer made a real difference in fostering access to information for university students, faculty and staff. Schnuer spends significant amounts of time each year traveling to other countries to meet with and train librarians.

Susan Schnuer has made significant contributions to the advance of ALA's international goals and objectives. She was elected chair of the International Relations Round Table (IRR), served as the IRRT Councilor and successfully contributed to numerous International Relation Committees (IRC) and programs. Currently, Schnuer is a member of the Advisory Committee of the ALA Presidential Citations for Innovative International Library Projects. In 2011, she was recognized as an IRRT Notable member.

Her place in the direction and leadership of international relations and international activities is recognized by everyone who works the global community. “Committee members based their decision and the selection of Ms. Schnuer on many factors including recommendation letters, services, publications and professional engagements,” said Majed Khader, committee chair.

Susan Schnuer will be recognized during the International Librarians Reception on Monday, July 1, at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.


Delin Guerra

Program Officer

International Relations Office