For immediate release | June 18, 2013

PR Forum topic: 'Why libraries matter and can do more in the era of e-books, social media and branding'

CHICAGO — David Vinjamuri, branding expert, NYU professor and blogger, will speak at the 2013 PR Forum from 8:30-10 a.m., Sunday, June 30, McCormick Place Convention Center S40,on the topic: “The $84 Question: Why libraries matter and can do more in the era of e-books, social media and branding."

Copies of Vinjamuri’s book, “Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands” will be raffled off. All attendees will receive a copy of his new novel, “Operator.”

Vinjamuri says, “Libraries are at a crossroads. We’re at a time when their influence is significant but the challenges they confront are increasing. E-books are expensive and harder to source than print books, but the current environment presents some unique opportunities to position libraries for the next generation. If patrons can check out books from the library online without ever visiting and if they can also get free books from Amazon, what does it mean for libraries in the future?”

He also believes, “Libraries have an opportunity to redefine their role in order to remain relevant and to take advantage of other reasons people come into the library. For example, if a mom comes into the library to pick out books with her children, or if a job seeker comes in to work on his resume, how can the library ensure they both discover a new book to read for themselves?”

The PR Forum is coordinated by the ALA Public Awareness Committee.


Megan McFarlane

Campaign Coordinator

Public Information Office (PIO)