For immediate release | May 29, 2013

An updated study of the information society’s continuity and change

CHICAGO — What is information? Who are the information rich and who are the information poor? How can there be equality of access for users in the light of the political, economic and cultural pressures that are placed upon information creators, gatherers and keepers? Set against a broad historical backdrop, the new sixth edition of “The Information Society: A Study of Continuity and Change,” published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, explores the information revolution that continues to gather pace, as the understanding and management of information becomes even more important in a world where data can be transmitted in a split second. John Feather updates his standard work to take account of the changing landscape and technological developments since 2008, making it a fully relevant teaching text for LIS programs as well as a provocative discussion of issues for information professionals. The book is organized into four parts:

  • “The Historical Dimension” details society’s transition from script to print, and the rise of mass media and new technologies from radio and television to computers;
  • “The Economic Dimension” looks at the information marketplace, ranging from traditional publishing to the evolution of the e-book, and the factors that determine access to information;
  • “The Political Dimension” discusses why some societies are information rich while others are information poor, and examines the role of the state in the protection of intellectual property, personal data, freedom of information and censorship;
  • “The Information Professional” shows the part that librarians, archivists, records managers and other information professionals play in the information society and demonstrates that long-held archetypes are already transitioning into new responsibilities.

Feather is professor of library and information studies and dean of the Graduate School at Loughborough University, UK. He is a former pro-vice chancellor of Loughborough University.

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