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RDA: Back to the Basics, an ALCTS preconference at Annual in Chicago

CHICAGO - On Friday, June 28, at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference, the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) brings you “RDA: Back to the Basics.” This all day preconference, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., will cover the transition of libraries and library staff to RDA: Resource Description and Access. Register through the 2013 ALA Annual Conference website. The cost for each: $219 for ALCTS members; $269 for ALA members; $99 for retired members and students; $319 for non-members. Select event ALC3.

Designed for the cataloger, student or anyone who has a solid understanding of AACR2 and MARC, this preconference will cover the transition to RDA. Speakers will concentrate on the differences between the two cataloging codes and use examples from various formats, providing practical hands-on exercises. Implementation strategies will be discussed. Resources to begin the transition process will be highlighted. This back-to-the basics workshop is for those new to RDA and those requiring refresher training.

June Abbas,Ph.D., associate professor, School of Library and Information Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Oklahoma, will lead the preconference as the speakers explore all aspects of dealing with the move from AACR2 to RDA.

The Program:

· Chris Cronin, director of technical services, University of Chicago Library will provide an administrator’s view of how to successfully transition from AACR2 cataloging to RDA. He will discuss University of Chicago’s experiences implementing RDA.

· Chris Oliver, coordinator of cataloguing and authorities, Collection Services

McGill University Libraries, will provide an introduction to the background and foundations of RDA, along with the conceptual models (FRBR and FRAD) and how they are implemented by the provisions of RDA. She will also lead a series of hands on exercises designed to help illustrate RDA provisions of descriptive cataloging.

· Mark K. Ehlert,Minitex coordinator, University of Minnesota, Digitization, Cataloging & 15 Andersen Library, Metadata Education (DCME), will outline what has not changed from AACR2 as we implement RDA in bibliographic records through a series of interactive hands on exercises.

· Chamya P. Kincy, life and social sciences cataloger, UCLA Library Cataloging and Metadata Center, continues the discussion with interactive exercises illustrating the changes to authority work and access points.

· The final session of the day includes a view from the bibliographic utilities, OCLC and SkyRiver with presenters Cynthia Whitacre, manager, WorldCat Quality & Partner Content Dept. OCLC, and Georgia Fujikawa, vice president operations, SkyRiver, leading discussion of implementation plans of the two bibliographic utilities.

For more information please check the ALCTS website or contact Julie Reese, ALCTS Continuing Education Manager,

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