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Sustainable research data management

CHICAGO - More and more digital information is being created and stored, even while budgets shrink and funders of research demand evidence of value for money and demonstrable benefits for society. Data management has become an essential requirement for information professionals over the last decade, particularly for those supporting the higher education research community.

There is increasing pressure to provide plans for the sustainable management of data, and Graham Pryor’s “Managing Research Data,” published by Facet Publishing and available through Neal-Schuman Publishers, brings together leading figures in the field from the UK and around the world, providing an introduction to all the key data issues facing the higher education and information management communities. Integrating the authors’ expertise and international case studies, this collected volume defines what is required to achieve a culture of effective data management, offering practical advice on the skills required, legal and contractual obligations, strategies and management plans and the data management infrastructure of specialists and services. Chapters include:

  • Why manage research data?;
  • The lifecycle of data management;
  • Research data policies: principles, requirements and trends;
  • Sustainable research data;
  • Data management plans and planning;
  • Roles and responsibilities – libraries, librarians and data;
  • Research data management: opportunities and challenges;
  • The national data centers;
  • Contrasting national research data strategies: Australia and the USA;
  • Emerging infrastructure and services for research data management and curation in the UK and Europe.

Pryor is associate director of the Digital Curation Center, the UK’s leading center of expertise on digital data curation supporting the higher education community.

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