For immediate release | September 17, 2012

ALCTS publishes 'Planning and Constructing Book & Paper Conservation Laboratories'

CHICAGO— Book and paper conservation labs are vital for caring for aging library collections. Constructing or renovating a lab offers an exciting opportunity for developing or improving a conservation program. The opportunity may become a daunting task for even the most seasoned conservator, let alone an administrator who has a less direct understanding of how a conservation lab functions. "Planning and Constructing Book and Paper Conservation Laboratories: A Guidebook," a new publication from the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), is a critical resource for those planning new or remodeled conservation labs for book and paper collections. It offers useful tips, common practices, insights and references to relevant codes and guidelines for the design process.

Editors Jennifer Hain Teper, head of preservation and conservation, University Libraries, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Eric Alstrom, head of conservation, Michigan State University Libraries were inspired to create this book when working on their own conservation lab projects. They were frustrated by the lack of published information available to assist them. In response, they gathered experts in the field of conservation to address either basic planning, design, or specific use elements of conservation laboratories.

Planning chapters introduce concepts in project management, space planning, hybrid approaches to lab design and ergonomic considerations. Technical chapters present key considerations one must incorporate during conservation lab construction projects, such as the use and design of a fume hood or ventilation system, water purification set up, lighting considerations, custom built furniture design and quarantine space planning. Further topical chapter offer unique perspectives for special lab considerations such as labs for work on flat paper collections or privately run conservation labs.

In December, editors Teper and Alstrom will host an ALCTS e-Forum online discussion on the topic of planning and constructing conservation laboratories. Two chapters, Project Management for the Construction of Conservation Laboratories by Donia Conn and Chapter 7: Custom-Built Furniture and Equipment by Shannon Zachary and Gillian Boal are available for free on the ALCTS website.

“Planning and Constructing Book and Paper Conservation Laboratories” is available in softcover, 228 p. 6" x 9", ISBN: 978-0-8389-8601-1. Price is $67.95; ALA member price is $61. Available from the ALA Online Store.

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