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ALCTS presents two outstanding virtual preconferences in June

CHICAGO — Two virtual preconferences presented by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services take place in June prior to the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim,Calif.

Local Collections, Collective Context: Managing Print Collections in the Age of Collaboration” runs June 4 through June 6, 2012. “The How and Why of Research: What Is the Rock in Your Shoe?” runs June 12 through June 14, 2012. All sessions begin at 2 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Central and 11 a.m. Pacific time.

Registration is open now. Individual sessions for each preconference are $39 for ALCTS members, $49 for non-members, $99 for groups and, as always, free to LIS students. A discounted rate is available if you want to register for all the sessions included in each preconference: $95 for ALCTS members, $118 for non-members and $258 for groups. Register through ALA Online Learning.

“Local Collections, Collective Context: Managing Print Collections in the Age of Collaboration”

June 4-6, 2012

Emerging shared print initiatives are making it possible for libraries to manage local collections in a collaborative environment. While there are many potential benefits to shared collection management—providing access to more comprehensive collections than a library could build on its own, ensuring preservation through distributed responsibility and freeing up stacks space for other uses—this opportunity presents many challenges as well. How does an individual institution responsibly manage its collection to participate in a regional or national collection? How do libraries make decisions about local collections in the context of consortial, regional and national priorities?

This virtual preconference should be attended by any library staff interested in learning about shared print collection management. Learn about several elements of shared collection management. Learn strategies applicable in their own institutions, consortium or collective, for topics such as: sharing commitments to retain materials to support resource sharing; identifying common bibliographic issues that inhibit effective shared collection management; using collections data to support collaborative decision-making; creating a shared collection management plan; and communicating and providing outreach to users and other local constituents.

Monday, June 4

“Shared Collection Management: Collaborative Decision-Making” presented by Doug Way, Grand Valley State University; Dr. Barbara J. Cockrell, Western Michigan University; Rick Lugg and Ruth Fischer, consultants, Sustainable Collections Services.

Tuesday, June 5

“Shared Collection Management: Bibliographic Aspects” presented by Constance Malpas, OCLC, and Lizanne Payne, library collections consultant.

Wednesday, June 6

“Shared Collection Management: Planning and Communication” presented by Samuel Demas, Sam Demas Collaborative Consulting and Robert Kieft, Occidental College.

For more information visit the "Local Collections " page on the ALCTS website.

“The How and Why of Research: What Is the Rock in Your Shoe?”

June 12-14, 2012

This virtual preconference provides insight and guidance into the world of research, encouraging attendees to discover the research possibilities inherent in their daily work. Find out how valid research questions can grow out of practical professional quandaries. Learn how to choose appropriate questions to investigate, how to design effective research strategies and explore avenues for sharing results with colleagues. Demystify the research process and be encouraged to contribute to the body of knowledge in the discipline. This virtual preconference is aimed at librarians entering the profession and/or new to the research process.

Tuesday, June 12

“Avoiding the Research Rubbish Bin: How to Begin a Research Project” with Allyson Carlyle, University of Washington Information School.

Wednesday, June 13

“From Curiosity to Concept: Developing a Research Plan from Everyday Library Issues” with Steven A. Knowlton, University of Memphis.

Thursday, June 14

“Bringing your Work to Press: The Peer Review Process” with Sandy Roe, Illinois State University and editor, Cataloging and Classification Quarterly.

Visit the "How and Why" page on the ALCTS website.

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