For immediate release | May 1, 2012

2012 ALA Annual Conference Scheduler is open and ready to help you plan

CHICAGO — The ALA Annual Conference Scheduler is now open! Attendees who haven’t used it before will be delighted at all it can do for them as they see the full scope of what is offered, while planning and organizing their conference attendance. Highlights of the scheduler include:

  • The ability to browse sessions in multiple ways;
  • Easy-to-create personal calendars that can be shared or kept private;
  • Tailored lists of recommendations based on division, groups, library type and interests specified in user profiles;
  • Ease of adding, prioritizing and updating sessions and events;
  • Ease of adding booth visits and meetings with specific exhibitors;
  • A Quick-Start Guide to the Scheduler and other ways to get help in order to learn more.

The Conference Scheduler mobile app will be released in June.

Use the Conference Scheduler to plan your time, create your calendar and find out about many other Annual Conference highlights as they’re added—speakers, events, networking opportunities and more. Visit the 2012 ALA Annual Conference website for general information about the conference. Get the best discount with Early Bird Registration, open until midnight, Sunday, May 13, 2012.

ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition—Transforming Our Libraries, Ourselves


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