For immediate release | March 16, 2012

CLIPP call for proposals

CHICAGO - The Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) College Libraries Section (CLS) is pleased to announce the launch of CLIPP: College Library Information on Policy and Practice, a reconceptualization of ACRL’s CLIPNotes publication series. Offering the same high quality policy and procedure documents that CLIPNote readers have relied on for more than 30 years, this next generation monographic series will provide richer context and more sophisticated analysis of current trends and issues from a uniquely college and small university library perspective.

The underlying premise of CLIPP is that libraries across the country are grappling with the same challenges and there is much to be gained by sharing information. With today’s shrinking budgets and staff sizes, knowing how similar institutions have handled certain problems is critical: none of us wants to spend valuable resources reinventing the wheel.

Each CLIPP volume will explore an important library issue through a comprehensive literature review, survey data and best practices documents, which will provide actual solutions created by other colleges and small universities.

Call for Proposals

Any librarian at a college or small university can submit a publication proposal to the CLIPP committee. Any trend or subject of interest to college and small university libraries is a potential topic. Proposal ideas could include:

  • The changing nature of collections (e-books, remote storage, weeding policies, etc.)
  • Mobile access
  • Grant writing
  • Staff development
  • The place of the library in campus organizational structures

For a full description of the submission and publication process, visit the CLIPP website at

To be considered for the inaugural volume of the new CLIPP series, proposals must be received by April 30, 2012, but proposals will be accepted continually for future volumes. Proposals can be emailed directly to the CLIPP Chair Erin Smith at


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