For immediate release | February 21, 2012

New workshop will show how to provide great customer service in the library

CHICAGO - ALA Editions announces an exciting new workshop, How to Deliver Great Library Customer Service with Laurie Brown.

Drawing on 20 years’ experience as a trainer and coach, Laurie Brown will show you how to create a welcoming, friendly experience for patrons, students and other library users. Satisfied customers mean good vibes, and happy library users are part of a strong library. In addition to learning how to fulfill the expectations of the people who use your library, you will also get pointers on listening and communications skills to help your conversations with angry, chatty or overly demanding patrons as gracefully as possible.

Topics include:

  • The top three customer service qualities for your library and how to achieve them;
  • Defusing conflict with difficult patrons;
  • Ensuring that staff makes positive customer experience a priority;
  • How to question library users effectively.

Registration for this ALA Editions Workshop is available on the ALA Store at both the individual and group rates. The workshop takes place at 2:30 pm Eastern/1:30 p.m. Central/12:30 p.m. Mountain/11:30 a.m. Pacific and lasts 90 minutes on Thursday, April 19, 2012.

Known as an engaging and fun presenter, Laurie Brown has more than 20 years of experience as a trainer, coach and speaker. In addition to customer service, she speaks on developing skills in leadership, presentation and sales. She was a facilitator in the Public Library Association’s Turning the Page 2.0 advocacy training. Brown has worked with culturally diverse audiences at all organizational levels, and her clients have included Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small family-owned businesses.

ALA Editions Workshops are designed to give you and your staff the opportunity to participate in a hands‐on learning experience that will help you make the best technology decisions for your library.

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Dan Freeman