For immediate release | December 20, 2011

Neal-Schuman Publishers to join ALA Publishing

CHICAGO - American Library Association (ALA) President Molly Raphael and Neal-Schuman President Patricia Glass Schuman today announced that on Dec. 23, 2011, Neal-Schuman Publishers will become part of ALA Publishing.

Neal-Schuman Publishers, founded by John Vincent Neal and Patricia Glass Schuman in 1976, will continue to offer print and electronic publications under the well known imprint, but will join ALA Editions, TechSource and the new Huron Street Press under the ALA Publishing umbrella, which also includes ALA Digital Reference, Booklist Publications, American Libraries and ALA Graphics.

“We are very excited about Neal-Schuman joining the ALA family,” Raphael said. “We look forward to continuing the tradition that Pat Schuman and Jack Neal have established – as the best in library and information science education. We welcome the creativity and energy of the imprint and the contribution we see it making to the Association as it seeks to provide the highest quality resources, education and training in this rapidly changing digital environment.”

“Jack Neal and I are extremely proud of the company we have built over the last 36 years, ” said Neal-Schuman co-founder Pat Schuman, who has served as both ALA president and treasurer. “We see ALA as a perfect home for Neal-Schuman, where the imprint can continue to grow and evolve, serving a new generation of librarians.”

Over the next three months, ALA plans on relocating Neal-Schuman operations from New York City to Chicago. Neal-Schuman will continue to maintain a separate product line.

According to ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels, the acquisition of Neal-Schuman closely supports the Association’s strategic goals, which include making the highest quality library service available to all library users and making the highest quality, affordable face-to-face and online continuing education available to libraries.

“New technologies offer the possibility for everyone working in libraries to have access to the training and continuing education they need to provide the best possible service to their users,” said Fiels. “At the same time, rapid changes in technology and our communities themselves make it essential that those who work in libraries have access to the latest information and training on a wide range of topics. The pressure to keep up is tremendous.”

ALA Editions authors have played a growing role in online continuing education for the profession, Fiels noted, and Neal-Schuman’s rich content and many author-experts will allow ALA to offer a much broader range of online and face-to-face learning, as well as enriching ALA Editions’ growing list of e‑books. Neal-Schuman publishes hundreds of well known titles, including the popular How-To-Do-It series, The Tech Set® and many textbooks used by library and information science graduate programs.

“The Neal-Schuman imprint will enable the association to expand its publishing program and to bring in new revenue that will augment support for member programs and services," said ALA Treasurer Jim Neal. "We need to find new financial sources to sustain and grow our capacity in legislative advocacy, public awareness, intellectual freedom, diversity and the full range of ALA priorities." Neal also cited the rich potential for expanded international sales in Europe and Asia and the capacity to extend ALA's electronic publishing capacity.

"Like libraries across the U.S., ALA has been challenged by the economic downturn," according to Neal, "but thanks to careful stewardship of our resources over many decades, ALA remains fiscally strong. It is important for the Association to invest in its future to develop new markets and products and, thus, to better serve libraries and ALA members."

About Neal-Schuman

Neal-Schuman is the leading independent publisher of professional books for librarians, archivists and knowledge managers. Founded in 1976 by Patricia Glass Schuman and John Vincent Neal, the company is based in New York City, with offices in London, England.

Neal-Schuman is considered a premier publisher in the field because of its unique access to librarians and others working on the cutting edge of new services. Neal-Schuman has become the leading publisher of materials specifically designed to help librarians build on their traditional skill sets and embrace new technologies. Neal-Schuman has more than 500 new, revised and backlist titles in print. In addition, the company markets or copublishes some 200 books and monographs from Chandos Publications, Facet Books (the official imprint of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals), the Medical Library Association and others.

About ALA, ALA Editions and ALA Publishing

ALA Publishing includes ALA Editions, TechSource and the Huron Street Press, as well as ALA Digital Reference, Booklist, Book Links, American Libraries and ALA Graphics.

The publishing imprint of the American Library Association, ALA Editions develops resources, mostly books, for the library and information services community. More than 100,000 copies of ALA Editions titles are purchased each year, helping to support ALA's general programs. ALA authors are leaders across the field, with their ALA books distributed and valued throughout the world.

ALA Editions' roots go back more than a century. The American Library Association committed itself to publishing useful materials for library professionals and researchers. It established a Publishing Section at its 1886 conference in Milwaukee. The Term “Editions” replaced “Books” in June 1994 as the reorganized operation looked forward to a future of multiple formats. With more than 450 new and backlist titles, the publishing program consists of three separate imprints: Editions books and e-books for professional development; TechSource periodicals and online training; and Huron Street Press, a new list for the public.


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