For immediate release | June 7, 2011

ALA releases 2009-10 Annual Report, highlights Camila Alire presidency

CHICAGO – The recently released 2009-10 ALA Annual Report covers the key initiatives of former ALA President Camila Alire under the theme “Libraries: The Heart of All Communities”: Frontline Advocacy and Family Literacy. The report also highlights the increase in library usage and the vital role libraries play during challenging economic times.

Frontline Advocacy empowered librarians and other library staff with the tools to communicate the value of their respective libraries. Family Literacy focused on activities that would engage families in their respective communities to read, learn and play together.

One of the highlights of the year was the launching of the Spectrum Presidential Fundraising Initiative, a joint effort involving Alire, Past President Jim Rettig and President-elect (and current President) Roberta Stevens. The goal was to raise $1 million to support the Spectrum Scholarship Program to address the specific issue of under-representation of critically needed ethnic librarians within the profession.

Many other accomplishments from the year can be viewed at: