For immediate release | July 9, 2010

"STATE your question" @ your library

CHICAGO – Got a question? The Milner Library at Illinois State University wants students to know that the place to go to "STATE your question" is @ your library.

When Illinois State University decided to change its slogan to STATE your passion, many of the university’s colleges, organizations and programs developed their own "STATE" slogans. It was out of this initiative that the library developed its "STATE your question… find the answer @ your library."

“In keeping with the campus slogan we incorporated the Campaign for America’s Libraries' @ your library message,” said Toni Tucker, assistant dean of university libraries.“The combination of the two sends a message that the library is also a part of the university and promotes a valuable service.”

"The STATE your question… find the answer @ your library" campaign is the most recent of the library’s @ your library campaigns. The slogan appears on bookmarks and other promotional materials around campus. Milner has used the @ your library brand to promote the library to students and faculty since 2001.

The Campaign for America’s Libraries ( is ALA’s public awareness campaign that promotes the value of libraries and librarians. Thousands of libraries of all types – across the country and around the globe - use the Campaign’s @ your library® brand. The Campaign is made possible by ALA’s Library Champions, corporations andfoundations.


Megan McFarlane