2005 Mary V. Gaver Scholarship winner named

Beatrice Calvin

Communications Specialist


For Immediate Release

July 25, 2005

2005 Mary V. Gaver Scholarship winner named

CHICAGO - The American Library Association (ALA) has announced Angelia Maria Mahone of Detroit as the recipient of the 2005 Mary V. Gaver Scholarship.

The $3,000 scholarship was established to honor the memory of Mary V. Gaver, a past ALA president and Rutgers University professor, who made many contributions to library youth services. The scholarship is awarded to a person pursuing a master's degree in library and information studies, with a specialty in youth services.

Mahone has more than 10 years' experience teaching in charter and traditional public schools. She wants to combine this experience with the knowledge she will gain with a master's in library and information science to broaden and enhance her teaching methods.

Mahone hopes to empower youth with a greater understanding and appreciation for various forms of retrieval and dissemination of information.

Mahone will be attending Wayne State University.