Welcome to the ALA Lounge at #ALAAC23

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black square, stylaized orange fan shape next to text Unite Against Book Bans with the text Raise Your Voice, Join the Movement and the url UniteAgainstBookBans.org

white square with ALA in red font and Connect Lounge in blue font and people sitting and standing in small groups silhouetted in orange. Below that is the test: See what's happening in the Lounge all conference long.

ALA eLearning - Check out ALA's new home for professional development eCourses and webinars!

blue square with white text at the top saying "WHat's your perfect ALA Round Table match", under that is an image of curved and overlaping lines flowing into a circled light bulb icon and coming out the other side as straight arrows.

Blue word balloon interlinked with a red word ballon. Text: ALA Connect - Engage. Learn. Grow.

Yellow and blue text "Volunteer with ALA", image of blue house with a yellow star inside

Blue drawing of two hands holding a large coin with a dollar sign on it. Red text "ALA Member Benefits and Affinity Programs"

lilac square with blue and purple abstract wavy graphic and #LibrariesRespond at the top, under that is purple text "Keeping current events in conversation with libraries' work."