Life Membership

Life Members have made the decision to align themselves in a unique and special way with the world's largest association for libraries, librarians, and library workers. They recognize that supporting ALA’s work is essential to the health and growth of their professional community. Making the decision to be a Life Member of ALA means that you are secure in your career choice and eager to be involved with the ongoing development of the vocation.

Life Members are offered special discounted rates for Regular ALA dues, based on age. We offer both single payment and prorated options to help make the decision easier. Anyone who is qualified for any type of ALA Membership is also qualified to be a Life Member.

Life Member Dues - Payment Plans

Life Membership is a vote for the ongoing success of ALA. Regardless of your age at inception, Life Member dues are designed to save you money. When you consider that ALA dues for Regular Membership are currently $148/year, your opportunity to save on ALA Membership over your work career becomes apparent. And Life Membership continues your uninterrupted relationship with the ongoing work of ALA after your retirement.

For Ages 49 and younger
$2,000 single payment or $550/year over 4 years

Ages 50 to 59
$1,750 single payment or $500/year over 3 years then $425 in 4th year

Ages 60 and older
$1,400 single payment or $400/year over 3 years then $340 in 4th year


Your Age Projected Years of Membership Cost of dues at current rates Life Membership Dues My Age Your Lifetime Savings
25 60 $8,880 $2,000 $6,880
30 50 $7,400 $2,000 $5,400
35 45 $6,660 $2,000 $4,660
40 40 $5,920 $2,000 $3,920
45 35 $5,180 $2,000 $3,180
50 30 $4,440 $1,750 $2,690
55 25 $3,700 $1,750 $1,950
60 20 $2,960 $1,400 $1,560
65 15 $2,220 $1,400 $820

Giving the Gift of Life Membership

Life Membership in ALA is a great gift for library students. ALA is their professional home and the key areas of ALA’s work will resonate in their new work life. For a 25 year old, paying for another 40 years of membership, until retirement, at current rates would cost $5,200.

For students and recent graduates under the age of 49, ALA Life Membership dues are: $2,000 in a single payment or $550/year over four years. Their status as Life Members of ALA will begin immediately while you can pay for this gift over four years. For more information download and fill in the life member application.

For questions about Life Membership, please call Member Customer Service at 800-545-2433 or email