Continuing Membership

ALA offers all members who have been active, paid members for at least 25 uninterrupted years the opportunity to receive ongoing free membership upon retirement as Continuing Members. This special membership is ALA’s way of thanking members for their years of dedication and service to the library community. ALA is proud to serve those who have served the longest. Once you become a continuing member, that status will never be taken away. ala continuing member pin

Continuing Members enjoy full rights and benefits in ALA, including the opportunity to sit on committees and contribute to the ongoing work of the Association. 6 issues of American Libraries are included as a gift subscription. Eligibility for ALA’s member discounts for products, services, programs, and events is also continuous. 

If you would like more information about Continuing Membership or to learn if you are qualified based on years of membership, please contact ALA Membership at To notify ALA when you have retired and would like to begin Continuing Membership, please fill out the Continuing Membership Notification form to mail or fax back. We will notify you of your eligibility with 4-6 weeks. 

Continuing Members of ALA are vital and integral to the ongoing success of the Association. We are eager to welcome you into these ranks.