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Supporting You and Changing the World, Engage with ALA

Throughout your career, ALA membership supports you in a multitude of ways as you develop your skills and advance in the profession, and as you use your skills to change the world for the better through libraries.  

ALA members share the value of their membership, the work they and ALA do, and how ALA helps them be better at their jobs and helps the entire profession.

► See an ALA leader's journey within ALA and get tips and tricks on how you can be one too.

► Learn about how another member began their ALA journey with the help of the New Members Round Table.

► Learn about Libraries Transform, ALA's public awareness campaign.


Supporting You Now

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Communicate and connect

Use social mediaALA Connect, face-to-face conferences and events, virtual ALA Town Halls, and more to connect with your colleagues. Your fellow members offer the most efficient networking in the library world.

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Build your professional skills

Participate in world-class professional development opportunities both in person and online, offered by ALA, and its divisions, round tables, and offices. Meet your ongoing learning needs at affordable member rates and show continuous growth and progress.

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Volunteer and get involved

ALA offers hundreds of volunteer and leadership opportunities that help you develop the skills that make you indispensable to your library and instrumental in creating the future.

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Stay informed

Keep up with breaking news and relevant information affecting every type of library. Use resources such as ALA’s award-winning e-newsletter AL DirectAmerican Libraries magazine, and digital supplements, as well as other ALA print and online publications.

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Use ALA research & information

Access ALA research to support your own research. Link to studies and data useful in understanding library issues and in making the case for your library's value. Use ALA's Library's pathfinders, fact sheets and standards

Changing the World

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Put your skills to work

Continue to develop and apply your leadership skills as you participate in your community, your state, in ALA, and on the national stage to help create a better future for the world through strong libraries and stable funding.

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Advocate for library support

Access ALA’s resources and tools. Find out how to take action in your community in a way that is comfortable for you. Learn to advocate effectively for your library,its future, and the profession.

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Support equity of access & more

Stay informed and ready for action with ALA resources about intellectual freedom concerns, equity of access, copyright, literacy, diversity and other. Participate locally to support national efforts. 

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Be heard

Use ALA’s Legislation Action Center as your direct link to elected representatives and to the media about issues affecting libraries. Get critical calls in time to act.

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Share your ideas and experience

Share through ALA social media and by submitting proposals for programs, papers, poster sessions, table talks, and panels at ALA and divisional conferences / symposia, or for books or other ALA publications. Contact the divisionround table, or committee whose work interests you.

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