How Do I Get Involved at ALA?

Learn about the ways to get more involved in ALA through Association resources, initiatives and by meeting other members. three members

"I've always considered my ALA membership a great investment. What I get in return is worth far more than what comes out of my pocket. It's not just the opportunities to connect and learn - or how ALA has allowed my voice to be heard - but it's the little things too, like being an ALA Ambassador. With ALA, we can make a difference for each other." - Steven Bell, Temple University






Join one of thousands of ALA committees.  There are opportunities to work with ALA offices, Divisions, Round Tables, and other groups. 

ALA Connect

 See how the resources and community within ALA Connect, our social and professional network, can help you take your membership to the next level. Participate in the ALA Member only community to gain insights from other members.

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Through our advocacy efforts, the ALA strives to communicate the importance of libraries and librarians to our democratic society, to improve library funding and influence public policy about libraries and information-related issues, to increase public awareness about the role and importance of libraries and library workers in every community, and ultimately, to turn passive support of libraries and librarians into educated action by stakeholders.


ALA offers dozens of face-to-face conferences, meetings and symposia each year.  From the world's largest library conference every June at our Annual Conference and January for the Midwinter Meeting, to divisional national conferences and highly specialized small group meetings on emerging topics in librarianship,  ALA members have premier access to professional development, strategy sessions, and networking.

Presenting at conferences and events

Presenters at our conferences, meetings and events are experts in their field and come from the best pool of speakers, thinkers and doers in libraries – our members.  You can volunteer your experience to present at ALA, divisional and round table sessions.  Special attention will be given to program proposals that help generate new ideas or demonstrate research that contributes to the future of libraries. ALA is interested in helping to show off your innovative ideas and thinking around issues that impact the profession.  If you have proven strategies that you want to share, new technologies to demonstrate, or innovations for any aspect of library work, consider presenting it at an ALA conference or event.