44 State Library Associations Partner with ALA to Offer Joint Student Memberships

Forty-four Chapters (aka state library associations) partner with ALA to offer students the opportunity to join them and ALA for one low price of $40, now through August 31, 2018. New program partners in 2017 are Colorado Association of Libraries, Florida Library Association, Nebraska Library Association, New Hampshire Library Association, and Utah Library Association. (Updated on 9/26/17)

ALA encourages you to join online by completing the secure forms found at the joint membership program page. If you join online, ALA membership and the participating Chapters each receive a receipt that day of your having joined! And you save the cost of mailing or faxing your application!

These are the 44 state library associations participating in the joint student membership program:

  • Alabama Library Association
  • Alaska Library Association
  • Arizona Library Association
  • Arkansas Library Association
  • California Library Association
  • Colorado Association of Libraries
  • Connecticut Library Association
  • Delaware Library Association
  • District of Columbia Library Association
  • Florida Library Association
  • Georgia Library Association
  • Hawaii Library Association
  • Idaho Library Association
  • Indiana Library Federation
  • Kansas Library Association
  • Kentucky Library Association
  • Louisiana Library Association
  • Maine Library Association
  • Maryland Library Association
  • Massachusetts Library Association
  • Michigan Library Association
  • Minnesota Library Association
  • Mississippi Library Association
  • Missouri Library Association
  • Montana Library Association
  • Nebraska Library Association
  • Nevada Library Association
  • New Hampshire Library Association
  • New Jersey Library Association
  • New York Library Association
  • North Carolina Library Association
  • Ohio Library Council
  • Oklahoma Library Association
  • Oregon Library Association
  • Pennsylvania Library Association
  • Rhode Island Library Association
  • South Carolina Library Association
  • South Dakota Library Association
  • Tennessee Library Association
  • Texas Library Association
  • Utah Library Association
  • Vermont Library Association
  • Washington Library Association
  • Wisconsin Library Association

Today Is a Good Day to Join Your State Library Association! points out many excellent reasons why you should join your state library association, including receiving discounts for attending your state association’s annual conference, networking with other students, librarians, and library workers, and becoming active in your association. Of course, opportunities for discounts, networking, and becoming active apply to your ALA membership benefits, too!

As importantly, it’s not only a good time to join, with budget cuts and worse directed at libraries in many states, it’s also imperative—now more than ever!—to support your state library association’s efforts to advocate for and support libraries, librarians, and library workers within your state.

If you need more reasons to join, please feel free to contact your state library association. Each can explain the numerous membership benefits it offers in greater detail than possible here!

Student membership is a special discounted membership available for students engaged in a program of study or certification in MLS/ MLIS, NCATE, or LTA programs for no more than 5 total years of eligibility. This special dues rate is designed to help you access the benefits, networking, and career resources that come with membership. Student Members, whether full- or part-time, are also given the best rates for conference registration, often at discounts as high as 75 percent off. Student Members are eligible to serve on committees, run for office, and participate actively in the work of the association.

Visit Getting the Most from Your Membership, Student Members, Student Portal, Virtual Membership Meeting, Ways to get involved, and ALA Connect, where you will be invited to join ALA as a Personal, Organizational, or Corporate member.

For more information about joint memberships, that is, if your state library association (chapter) is interested in participating in the joint student membership program, please contact Don Wood, in the Chapter Relations Office. See also Joint Student Membership Partnership between ALA and Chapters: How Does It Work?

To find out more about ALA membership, contact ALA Member & Customer Service.