Online Presence Oversight Committee (OPOC)

List of Committee Members

Purpose, Membership, and Duties

Purpose. To coordinate and ensure the usability, currency and relevancy of information provided by MAGIRT via all of its online outlets, and maintain a high level of professionalism for MAGIRT’s online presence. OPOC oversees and guarantees coordination of content creation by MAGIRT committees, discussion groups, and the general membership.

Membership. All OPOC members must be members of ALA and of MAGIRT. Members of OPOC are expected to actively participate with committee duties, on projects and/or subcommittees. Membership shall be comprised of the following:

  • One member who is either the Vice Chair, Chair, or Past Chair
  • One member representing the Membership & Marketing Committee
  • One member representing the Education Committee
  • One member representing the Publications Committee and
  • The Webmaster

The Chair of OPOC is the MAGIRT Vice Chair or Chair or Past Chair or as designated by the Committee.

Duties. OPOC is not responsible to create content for MAGIRT’s online presence, but rather to oversee and coordinate the information that is presented online on behalf of MAGIRT. OPOC is responsible for the following duties:

  • Maintain and ensure that MAGIRT’s online presence is professional, relevant and current by coordinating the information flow across all of MAGIRT’s online avenues including but not limited to ALA Connect, LibGuides, the MAGIRT website, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Evaluate and maintain the integrity and appropriateness of the MAGIRT Communication Flow Chart.
  • Establish and maintain the procedures for content creation and a schedule for updates of content.
  • Suggest new technology, functionality and/or resources that should be included as part of MAGIRT’s online presence.
  • Complete tasks that may arise that are required for a high-quality online presence but may not fall within the purview of a specific MAGIRT committee or discussion group.
  • Work with ALA to ensure MAGIRT’s online presence is accessible for all users.
  • Provide a written or oral report to the MAGIRT Executive Board at all Executive Board meetings.
  • Consult with the Executive Board on challenges or issues, or significant proposed changes.

Meetings. All OPOC meetings are open to any member of ALA.