Officers, Committee Chairs & Other MAGIRT Leaders

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Committee Chairs & Coordinators

Bylaws and Governing Documents Committee (2022/23):
Sierra Laddusaw (Ex-officio)

Nominations and Awards Committee (2022/23):
Sierra Laddusaw (Ex-officio)

*Cataloging and Classification Committee Chairperson (2022/23):
Tim Kiser
Cataloging and Classification Committee Members

*Education Committee Chairperson (2022/23):
Education Committee Members

*Membership and Marketing Committee Chairpersons (2022/23):
Erin Cheever
Membership and Marketing Committee Members

*Online Presence Oversight Committee Chairperson (2022/23):

*Geographic Technologies (GeoTech) Committee Chairperson (2022/23):
Wangyal Shawa
Geographic Technologies (GeoTech) Committee Members

$Cataloging of Cartographic Resources Interest Group Coordinator (2023/23):
Amy Swanson

$Map Collection Management Discussion Group Coordinator (2022/23):
Craig Haggit

$MAGIRT/GODORT GIS Discussion Group Coordinator (2022/23):

* indicates Executive Board voting member
$ indicates Executive Board non-voting member

base line

base line Editor
John Olson

base line Distribution Manager
Mike Smith

base line Cataloging Editor
Tammy Wong

base line Digital Mapping Editor
Carolyn Hanssen

base line New Books and New Maps Editor

Craig Haggit

Assistant webmaster


ACRL, Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS)

ALA Education Committee (chair of Education Committee)

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee
Karen Jensen


FGDC National Geospatial Advisory Committee
Julie Sweetkind-Singer

Freedom to Read Foundation
Iris Taylor

Mike Smith

GODORT Committee on Rare and Endangered Government Publications
Mike Smith

LC Geography & Map Division
Min Zhang

MARC Advisory Committee
Susan Moore

NACIS, North American Cartographic Information Society
Tim Utter

OCLC Liasion
Laura Ramsey

Planning and Budget Assembly, ALA
Bruce Godfrey

USGS, United States Geological Survey

WAML, Western Association of Map Librarians
Kathy Rankin
Mike Smith

Updated: 03-20-2023