Directions and rides to CU Boulder Campus

From downtown Denver to the CU Boulder campus:

  • Take the Flatiron Flyer (commuter bus) from Union Station (30-40 minute ride, $2.60/$1.30 for 65+ or Day Pass $5.20/$2.60 for 65+)

FF1 Westbound schedule:

In the afternoon of Feb 9, FF1 is running and picks up at Union Station. Union Station is about a mile from the convention center area. There is a free 16th street mall shuttle that could get folks over to Union Station. Reminder: FF1 can get crowded at times, but it runs about every 15 minutes so we could break the group up if necessary.

  • Get off at Broadway & Euclid
  • Walk over to the Earth Sciences & Map Library (5 to 10-minute walk)

This Google Map (by Phil White) gives you an idea of the walk from the bus stop to the library:

FF1 Eastbound schedule:

Thanks to Phil White for the directions.