Publications Committee

List of Committee Members

Purpose, Membership, and Duties

Purpose. To coordinate, edit and produce MAGIRT publications, including but not limited to base line, the Electronic Publication Series, the Print Publication Series, and the MAGIRT Information Brochure. Oversees and executes changes to the MAGIRT website, and serves as intermediary with publishers.

Membership. A Chair, plus as many members as necessary to accomplish the work of the committee.

Duties. The Committee oversees the timely publication of base line and works to accomplish a flow of other publications as appropriate. The Committee will establish procedures encompassing the publication process from receipt to publishing. The Committee is responsible for depositing print publications at the ALA Store for each ALA Annual Conference and initiating marketing and advertising of its current publications. The MAGIRT membership brochure will be kept current with membership information in coordination with the Membership and Marketing Committee and with a list of recent publications. Brochures will be provided to the Membership and Marketing Committee and to the ALA Staff Liaison for distribution as needed and appropriate.

Meetings. All meetings of the Committee are open to any member of ALA.