Geographic Technologies (GeoTech) Committee

List of Committee Members

Purpose, Membership, and Duties

Purpose. To provide a forum within MAGIRT and ALA for highlighting current and relevant issues, applications, and practices relating to emerging geographic information sciences and technologies. The Committee seeks to address the questions, opportunities, and challenges around such emerging technologies through the creation of high-quality and tangible outputs that will benefit the larger geospatial library community.

Membership. All GeoTech Committee members must be members of ALA and of MAGIRT. Members of the GeoTech Committee are expected to actively participate on projects and/or subcommittees, in discussion forums, and in an advocacy role for geographic technologies.

Duties. The GeoTech Committee works in partnership with other MAGIRT and ALA Committees, Task Forces, & Discussion Groups to propose and conduct workshops, programs, produce various resource guides in various formats, and advocate and promote educational opportunities and outreach activities to further increase the knowledge of geographic technologies to those working within the library field.

Meetings. All GeoTech Committee meetings are open to any member of ALA.