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... is the unit for members who are searching for answers through research. Every day, librarians address the unknowns of a changing community, a revolutionary technology, and a challenging mandate to help users.

There is always more to know, always more to think about what we do because our practices are always open to change, and because we are engaged in responsible professional service.

Research in library and information studies addresses the critical issues confronting library professionals, educators, and users.

  • How does electronic information change libraries and other scholarly organizations?
  • How do libraries anticipate community needs in the 21st century?
  • What is the librarian's role in adding value to electronic information?

In an era of transformation, the challenges of planning and policy, information education, new patterns of service, library operations, and staffing require reliable grounding in knowledge.

Librarians require an informed vision -- and practices guided by critical research.

Research produces new knowledge based on carefully collected evidence. Research in libraries and information studies is conducted by librarians, educators, students, administrators, and consultants. They are guided by essential questions in specific environments. How are our energies and resources best used? What do we need to know next? What do our users think of the library and its work?

Library Research Round Table is the only ALA unit exclusively devoted to research.

LRRT was founded in 1968 to advance library and information studies research, to offer programs that advocate research and its dissemination, and to educate ALA members about the importance of research in decision-making, problem-solving, and creating new theories for the conduct of our profession.

LRRT offers opportunities to:

  • Meet others with a professional commitment to inquiry.
  • Attend conference forums where research is the primary topic.
  • Establish useful contacts with researchers in every sector of the field
  • Keep current on research projects and emerging inquiry methods.
  • Reward excellence through LRRT's Jesse H. Shera Awards.

Get informed,

get involved,

get in touch

with the research that informs your profession today, by joining.

Information on joining LRRT

LRRT's yearly dues cost $15 (free for graduate students) plus ALA annual dues.

Visit our Membership page, where up-to-date information on how to join ALA and LRRT is available. If you are currently a member of ALA, this is where you can add LRRT to your already existing membership.

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