Library Research Round Table Mentorship Program

LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program

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The LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program matches novice researchers (mentees) with mentors experienced in library and information science research methodologies. Mentees can request support with research design, identifying publication outlets, creating articles from postgraduate research, and more! Mentors will have the opportunity to share their experiences and be an integral part of the development of researchers.


New mentors and mentees will be recruited through the LRRT website, social media sites, and ALA committee listservs, and conference sessions. Prospective mentees will be asked to indicate the research topics, methodologies, or projects that are of interest to them. The LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program Committee will pair mentees with mentors based on research topic, method, or project needs. Individuals interested in participating in the program as a mentee should complete the LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program Mentee Application.

The LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program will hold virtual quarterly check-in meetings with mentees and mentors. Mentees and mentors will virtually present their research in progress and how their mentor-mentee relationship produced this research at the end of the year-long LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program.


  • Mentees will develop research skills
  • Mentees will develop personal networking connections
  • Mentors will contribute towards supporting early-career colleagues
  • Papers or studies facilitated as part of the program will have the potential to be communicated widely in the profession
  • The profession’s knowledge base can be enhanced

Recognition of Completed Work

The LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program Committee will provide a certificate for each mentee and a letter of appreciation for each mentor after the successful completion of the program. A list of publications and presentations that were supported by the LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program will be included on the LRRT website and publicized on listservs and social media sites.

For questions about the LRRT Virtual Mentorship Program, please contact Karen R. Harker, LRRT Mentorship Program Committee Chair, at