Reorganization Implementation

LLAMA Project Team

Cmt Charge: Provide a resource for the Board, Communities of Practice, committees, members, etc. in transitioning to the new less bureaucracy-driven organizational structure.

Provide one-on-one assistance in restructure decision making for revising Community of Practice processes, updating charges, and creating new project team proposals

Assist the Executive Director and Board by reviewing updated charges and proposal forms for completeness and appropriateness.  Help to define clearly define deliverables.  Facilitate collaboration or merging of groups with similar focus.

Offer insights as needed to continue making progress on the reorganization.


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Our Work


  • Successful and ongoing progress of the transition of the individual components within LLAMA to a newer simplified, agile model.  Fewer units getting bogged down midway through the transition when faced with uncertainty.

Expected Time Commitment:

  • 3-6 hours per month.  May vary from month to month as the project team is responsive to needs identified and communicated from other units. 

Desired skills, knowledge, experience:

  • Detailed knowledge, understanding, and support of the goals and objectives associated with the LLAMA 2016/2017 reorganization and bylaws revision.
  • Ideas for how to connect the big picture to the next stage with the “how do we…” details

Staff Contact & Role:

  • Kerry Ward,, 800-5454-2433, ext. 5036. Referring questions needing assistance to the project team.  Providing/revising forms, etc. Routing committee, team, etc. documents to the project team.  Bringing recommendations back from the team to the Board.

Resources available:

  • Virtual meeting/conference call support
  • Member communication/email blasts