A LLAMA Orientation

Working with LLAMA

We welcome your support and thank you for your service to the organization.  Below are resources, policies, and procedures to help facilitate your important work with LLAMA and its sections.  If you have questions or comments about these materials, please contact Kerry Ward at 800-545-2433, ext. 5036, or kward@ala.org.

2016-17 Leadership Orientation Guide

(History, Board of Directors, Division/Section Committees, Communication Tools, Program Planning, Staff, etc.)

Strategy and Planning

At the 2015 Annual Conference, the LLAMA Board voted to move away from the traditional three-year strategic plan and instead commit to an ongoing cycle of development, implementation, assessment, and adjustment of strategic directions that will guide the work of the organization.  The directions are shaped by conversations with members and at each Board meetings, and are implemented by sections, volunteers, and members.

2017-18 Strategic Directions

2018 Community of Practice/Commitee Reporting and Budget Request Form

Previous Planning and Evaluation

Below for reference is LLAMA’s 2012-15 Strategic Plan along with an evaluation of the plan's effectiveness.  The previous plan focused attention on three strategic themes: 1) member engagement and value, 2) leadership development and continuous learning, and 3) organizational excellence.  Each theme had a goal statement and key objectives.

LLAMA 2012-15 Strategic Plan

2012-15 Strategic Plan Evaluation June 2015

Important Forms