LLAMA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force


To review, study, and recommend initiatives for the persistent issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in order to ensure that LLAMA upholds its commitment to work actively to challenge and respond to bias, harassment and discrimination and to incorporate intentional engagement with diversity in its activities.


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Our Work


A report outlining its review and study activities, and detailing recommendations for a long-term approach to EDI, to be presented at ALA Annual Conference in June 2020. Activities related to this deliverable include:

  • Survey how other divisions, ODLOS, and potentially other organizations are addressing EDI leadership opportunities from committee chairs to presidents
  • Survey what LLAMA, and other divisions or organizations are doing in terms of programming supporting and incorporating EDI
  • Solicit feedback from our members for their issues and concerns
  • Determine how LLAMA will continue to honor its commitments to EDI (e.g. standing committee, working group, etc.) over the long-term
  • Identify and/or recommend strategies and programming for moving forward in fully integrating EDI in our activities
  • Recommend strategies to honestly assess our progress as we continue to move forward

Expected time commitment:

  • 30-40 hours annually, to include regular virtual meetings and other work on deliverables
  • In-person attendance at ALA Midwinter Meeting in January 2020 is not required
  • In-person attendance at ALA Annual Conference in June 2020 may be recommended

Desired skills, knowledge, experience:

  • Experience coordinating EDI initiatives in a large library, system, or other organization.
  • Passion for conceptualizing and implementing a comprehensive EDI program.
  • Experience increasing EDI awareness among leaders and directors.
  • Individual workload capacity and flexibility needed to consistently meet deliverable deadlines.

Staff contact and role

  • Kerry Ward, kward@ala.org, 800-5454-2433, ext. 5036. Overall management, project support, budget requests, etc.
  • Fred Reuland, freuland@ala.org, 800-545-2433, ext. 5032. Webinar production, program planning and scheduling, conference support, etc.

Resources Available:

  • Assistance with outreach to members via email, social media, etc.
  • Virtual meeting/conference call support.
  • Group page in ALA Connect