Leadership Orientation Guide

Leadership Orientation Guide (last updated July 2016)

An Introduction to LLAMA
    Core Purpose and Mission
    A Brief History

Section 1 – Division Level Leadership and Current Committees
    Board of Directors
    Executive Committee
    Division Level Committees
    FY16-17 Division Level Committees
    Inter-Divisional Committees
    Task Forces
    Representatives to Other ALA Units
    Liaisons to Other ALA Units

Section 2 – Section Level Leadership and Current Committees
    Section Executive Committees
    Section Level Committees
    FY15-16 Section Level Committees

Section 3 – Discussion Groups
    Discussion Groups
    FY16-17 Discussion Groups

Section 4 – Strategy and Planning
    2016-17 Strategic Directions
    Previous Strategic Plan (2012-15) and Evaluation
    Section and Committee Planning and Reporting

Section 5 – Electronic Resources
    ALA Connect
    Other Electronic Resources

Section 6 – Responsibilities/Calendar of Major Events for Division Level Leaders 
    Division President-elect
    Division President
    Division Past-President
    Division Councilor
    Division Treasurer
    Division Director-at-Large

Section 7 – Responsibilities/Calendar of Major Events for Section Level Leaders 
    Section Chair
    Section Vice-chair
    Section Past-chair
    Other Section Executive Committee Members

Section 8 – Committees/Calendar of Major Events
    Committee Overview: Work, Appointments, Terms, Rosters
    Meetings at ALA Conferences
    Committee Chair: Responsibilities/Communication/Calendar of Major Events
    Committee Member Responsibilities/Calendar of Major Events

Section 9 – Staff Roles and Responsibilities/Calendar of Major Events
    Executive Director
    Program Officer for Continuing Education
    Calendar of Major LLAMA Projects

Section 10 – Managing Major Process Areas
    Budget and Finance: Section/Committee Funding Requests/Budget Calendar
    LLAMA Innovation Fund Budget Request
    Planning and Producing an Annual Conference Program
    Planning and Producing an Annual Conference Preconference
    Annual Conference Program/Preconference Calendar
    Planning and Producing a Webinar
    Committee Appointments/Appointments Calendar
    Nominating Committees and Elections/2016 Election Schedule
    The LLAMA Website/Making Changes to the Site

Section 11 – Key Documents/Forms
    LLAMA Bylaws
    FY17 Reporting Form for Sections and Division Level Committees