Communities of Practice


This community focuses on library assessment, evaluation, and measurement regardless of type of library or activity. We emphasize the role of assessment in demonstrating the impacts of our libraries. Our work includes:
  • Recommending and developing tools, methods, guidelines, standards, and policies and procedures
  • Planning and deliver webinars, programs, publications, special projects, and discussion group(s)
  • Seeking opportunities to collaborate within our community, within LLAMA, and beyond

Buildings and Equipment

This community brings together librarians and design professionals to analyze, discuss, and share information related to academic, public, and school library buildings, equipment, and furnishings.
We manage two major awards programs, and our work includes:
  • Library site selection
  • Building planning and architecture
  • Library furniture and equipment
  • Interior design
  • Maintenance and security of buildings and property
  • Disaster recovery

Management & Leadership

Our community provides librarians and library staff from any positional level or library type, who desire to impact the broader profession, a space to connect around the fundamental proficiencies and knowledge necessary to lead a successful organization. Members will explore and develop their skills to create an inspiring vision, motivate people, and manage complex projects.  Help connect larger theoretical constructs to real, practical experiences.  Join a network of colleagues who understand and want to help each other succeed...because when we succeed, libraries succeed, and when libraries succeed, everyone benefits.

  • The Community is comprised of flexible committees and discussion groups, each of which addresses contemporary issues around management and leadership in all types of libraries. They address the issues by:
  • Providing annual presentations, webinars, and other programming activities
  • Preparing reports or other resources on relevant topics
  • Actively participating in the life of the Community, LLAMA, and ALA

Marketing and Communications

This community is aimed at those interested and involved in a variety of marketing and communications areas within academic, public, and special libraries, including public relations, promotion, content creation, design, branding, websites, social media, and outreach. We strive to develop library marketing and communications leaders through an emphasis on strategy, planning, and assessment. We manage two major awards programs, and our work includes:
  • Exploring evolving marketing and communications theories and trends
  • Sharing tips and best practices
  • Learning effective strategies and skills from peers and experts both within and without the library profession
  • Celebrating successful campaigns and initiatives
  • Serving as a liaison on marketing & communications issues to the division, ALA, and other ALA units

New Professionals

This community helps new professionals gain the leadership and management skills they need as they lead from where they are and move into influential roles, through both virtual and in-person services and programs. Our work includes:

  • Connecting new professionals to related opportunities throughout LLAMA, ALA, and the wider community


This community gathers and disseminates information, and provide a forum for the discussion of leadership and management issues related to technology in libraries.