“Library Security: The Basics and Beyond”

This webinar will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to manage threatening situations in the library. Discussion will address theoretical concepts, behavior policies, working with local law enforcement both in and out of the library, library banning policies, staff communication tools, and assessment for dangerous behavior. Strategies for avoiding threatening behaviors will be reviewed.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar participants will:

  • be able to identify effective ways to prevent escalation of bad behavior.
  • understand how to reverse an escalated patron interaction.
  • recognize the importance of consistent policy enforcement.
  • Know how to explain a progressive banning procedure.
  • be able to identify at least five disruptive library behaviors.
  • Understand the benefits to having a consistent and progressive banning procedure.


Presenter Sydney McCoy is Branch Administrator III for the Frederick County Public Libraries, Frederick, MD.   She has extensive experience presenting on safety and security issues in libraries.


How to Register

Register online: http://tinyurl.com/3zhtecm

Register with a purchase order or by mail: registration form (PDF, 1 pg.).


Fred Reuland