JOLA Volume 14, Number 1, March 1981


Tails Wagging Dogs (p.5)


Feature Articles

Japanese Character Input: Its State and Problems (p.6-23)

Computer processing of information is highly advanced in Japan, and it continues to be researched and improved by the cooperative efforts of the government, private corporations, and individual scientists, who are among the best in the world. This paper introduces various approaches to the computer input of information currently developed in Japan, and discusses the possibility of their applications to the processing of East Asian-vernacular language materials in large research libraries in this country.


Cost Analysis of an Automated and Manual Cataloging and Book Processing System (p.24-49)

A comparative cost analysis of an automated network system (WLN) and a local manual system of cataloging and book processing at Washington State University Libraries indicates that the automated system is about 20 percent less costly than the manual system. A per-unit cost approach was used in calculating the month cost of each system based on the average number of items processed per month under the automated system. The process and the results of the analysis are presented in a series of charts which detail the tasks, items processed, unit and total monthly costs of both the manual and automated systems. The higher costs of the manual system were essentially staff costs.



How Long the Wait Until We Can Call It Television (p.50-52)

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Data Processing Library: A Very Special Library (p.52-53)

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