JOLA Volume 6, Number 4, December 1973

Feature Articles

Comparison of MARC Serials, NSDP and ISBD-S (p.193-200)

Briefly characterizes and compares the specifications for serial records of the MARC Serials Distribution Service, the National Serials Data Program, and the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Serials. Both data content and, where applicable, machine format are analyzed.


A Regional Serials Program Under National Serials Data Program Auspices: Discussion Paper Prepared for Ad Hoc Serials Discussion Group (p.201-206)

(no abstract available)


The Ad Hoc Discussion Group on Serials Data Bases: Its History, Current Position and Future (p.207-214)

(no abstract available)


Providing Bibliographic Services From Machine-Readable Data Bases - The Library's Role (p.215-222)

Libraries will play a key role in providing access to data bases, but not by subscribing to tape services and establishing local processing centers as is commonly assumed. High costs and the nature of the demand will make this approach unfeasible. It is more likely that the library's reference staff will develop the capability of serving as a broker between the local campus user and the various regional or specialized retail distribution centers which exist or will be established.


Cumulating the Supplements to the Seventh Edition of LC Subject Headings (p.223-236)

A description is presented of the project at the University of California Library Automation Program to cumulate the 1966 through 1971 supplements to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. The University of California Institute of Library Research MARC processing software, BIBCON, was used, with specially written programs. The resulting cumulation was edited, printed in book form, and made available to libraries. The final task involved merging six MARC files into one file of over 125,000 records and then printing that file in a format similar to that of LC Subject Headings. The project was a cooperative effort with participation by people from several UC campuses.


BIBCON - A General Purpose Software System for MARC-Based Book Catalog Production (p.237-256)

The BIBCON file management system, designed for use on IBM 360 system equipment, performs two basic functions: (1) it creates MARC structured, bibliographic records from untagged input data; (2) from these records it produces page image output for book catalogs. The system accepts data from several different input devices and can produce a variety of output formats by line printer, photocomposition, or computer output microform (COM).