JOLA Volume 1, Number 3, September 1968

Feature Articles

An Integrated Computer Based Technical Processing System in a Small College Library (p.149-158)

A functional technical processing system in a two-year community college library utilizes a model 2201 Friden Flexowriter with punch card control and tab card reading units, an IBM 026 Key Punch, and an IBM 1440 computer, with two tape and two disc drives, to produce all acquisitions and catalog files based primarily on a single typing at the time of initiating an order. Records generated by the initial order, with slight updating of information, are used to produce, via computer, manual and mechanized order files and shelf lists, catalogs in both the traditional 3x5 card form and book form, mechanized claiming of unfilled orders, and subject bibliographies.

Cost Comparison of Computer Versus Manual Catalog Maintenance (p.159-177)

Is a computer assisted catalog system less expensive than its manual counterpart? A method of comparing the two was developed and applied to historical data from the Orange County Public Library. Comparative costs obtained were $.89 per entry for computer assisted catalog maintenance versus $1.71 for manual maintenance.

Subject Reference Lists Produced by Computer (p.178-197)

A system developed to produce fourteen subject reference lists by IBM 360/75 is described in detail. The computerized system has many advantages over conventional manual procedures. The feedback from students and other users is discussed, and some analysis of cost is included.

Production of Library Catalog Cards and Bulletin Using an IBM 1620 Computer and an IBM 870 Document Writing System (p.198-212)

A program is presented which runs on an IBM 1620 Computer and produces punched cards that activate an IBM 870 Document Writing System to type catalog cards in upper- and lower-case characters. Another program produces punched cards which instruct the 870 to type a library accessions bulletin. The programs are written in FORTRAN II and are described in detail. Estimates of costs and production times are included.