Library Privacy Policies Tools & Resources

Guides for Developing a Library Privacy Policy

American Library Association
Guidelines for Developing a Library Privacy Policy

University of California Libraries
SOPAG Privacy Policy Task Force
Includes: Creating a Library Systems Privacy Policy, Performing a Library Systems Privacy Audit, and Privacy Audit Checklist

Guides to State Laws Affecting Library Patron Privacy


State Laws on the Confidentiality of Library Records

State Privacy Laws Regarding Library Records

State Specific Information

California - Privacy Legislation and Policy

California Library Association Privacy Policy

Indiana - Access to Public Records

Maine - Confidentiality of Library Records

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Michigan Library Privacy Act - Act 455 of 1982

Specific Types of Policies

E-mail Reference

University of California Davis

Virtual Reference

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

If you would like your privacy policy added to this list, please send an email with your organization name, library type, the approximate size of your primary user base, and the URL for your policy.