Library Privacy Policies By Size of User Base

Less than 10,000
10,000 - 19,999
20,000 - 29,999
30,000 - 39,999
40,000 - 49,999
50,000 - 59,999
70,000 - 79,999
100,000 - 499,999
500,000 - 999,999
1,000,000 +


   Less than 10,000

Dartmouth College (5,704)

Gettysburg College (2,500)

Guilford College (2,101)

Humboldt State University (7,367)

Illinois Institute of Technology (6,114)

Liverpool Public Library (2,505?)

Northwestern Health Sciences University (< 1,000)

Oregon Health and Science University (2,524)

Radford University (9,100)

Saint Joseph's University (7,230)

St. Lawrence University (2,240)

Tufts University (8,500)

University of California, San Francisco (2,800)

University of Michigan - Dearborn (9,022)

   10,000 - 19,999

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (19,804)

Darien Library (15,820)

Duke University (12,800)

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (11,056)

Johns Hopkins University (18,000)

Northwestern University (17,762)

Princeton Public Library (14,203)

Syracuse University (18,247)

University of California, Riverside (17,105)

University of California, Santa Barbara (19,799)

University of North Carolina at Wilmington (11,327)

University of North Florida (14,120)

University of Texas at Dallas (13,040)

University of Vermont (10,940)

Vanderbilt University (11,147)

Washington University in St. Louis (13,472)

   20,000 - 29,999

Bowling Green State University (20,975)

Portsmouth Public Library (20,784)

Roselle Public Library District (23,115)

University of California, Irvine (24,273)

University of California, San Diego (23,045)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (24,872)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Law Library (24,872)

University of Texas at Arlington (20,424)

   30,000 - 39,999

Indiana University - Bloomington (37,821)

Park Ridge Public Library (37,775)

University of California, Berkeley (33,076)

University of California, Davis (30,065)

University of California, Los Angeles (38,598)

University of Michigan (39,533)

Wayne State University (33,314)

   40,000 - 49,999

University of Florida (49,971)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (40,360)

   50,000 - 59,999

Pickaway County District Public Library (51,723)

   70,000 - 79,999

Appleton Public Library (70,087)

Beaverton City Library (76,129)

Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County (71,888)

   100,000 - 499,999

Alexandria Library (128,283)

Arapahoe Library District (unknown)

Carroll County Public Library (163,207)

Charleston County Public Library (321,014)

Fairfield County District Library (132,549)

Irving Public Library (191,615)

Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology (441,545)

Minneapolis Public Library (382,618)

Monroe County Public Library (122,903)

Omaha Public Library (390,007)

Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (251,660)

Sonoma County Library (466,725)

Waukesha Public Library (374,079)

Whatcom County Library System (176,571)

   500,000 - 999,999

Alaska State Library (648,818)

Columbus Metropolitan Library (711,470)

Denver Public Library (554,636)

Milwaukee Public Library (596,974)

Noble: North of Boston Library Exchange

Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (752,366)

San Mateo County Library (607,456)


Brooklyn Public Library

California Digital Library (Melvyl)

California State Library

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing, Inc.

Connecticut State Library

County of Los Angeles Public Library

Cuyahoga Country Public Library

Florida Virtual Library

Free Library of Philadelphia

King County Law Library

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Library of Congress

Library of Virginia

Maine State Law and Legislative Research Library

Metropolitan Library Service Agency

Mid-Ohio Library Digital Initiative

New York Public Library

Queens Borough Public Library

South Carolina State Library

State Library of Iowa

State Library of Massachusetts

Texas State Law Library


Boulder Laboratories Library

ERS e-Library (Educational Research Service)

Geotechnical, Rock and Water Resources Library

Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center

Internet Public Library

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

National Agricultural Library

National Library of Medicine

National Science Digital Library

Peninsula Library System

Provisions Library

Notes on size: Size refers to the size of the primary user base. For higher education institutions, this was taken from enrollment figures. For public libraries, this was taken from local demographic information. For state libraries, this was taken from state population statistics.

If you would like your privacy policy added to this list, please send an email with your organization name, library type, the approximate size of your primary user base, and the URL for your policy