2012 LITA National Forum: Poster Sessions

Poster Session Abstracts (alpha by title)

Poster Session Full Descriptions [pdf]

Databib: An Online Bibliography of Research Data Repositories

Michael Witt, Mike Giarlo
Databib is an IMLS-funded project that developed a crowd-sourced bibliography of research data repositories as well as a platform for demonstrating various Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 concepts in the context of an online bibliography.

Exploring Methods of Using Public Data on Twitter for LibraryAssessment

David Meincke
From Jan. 2011 to Jan. 2012, a university library automatically collected and archived public tweets referring to their library, and explored methods of using the data to gauge patron satisfaction.

From the field to the desktop: how online access to historical botanical collections, data and literature creates a world of information at your fingertips

Larry Schmidt
Starting from imaging a collection of herbarium specimens in one of our national parks, the project has matured to include multiple federal collections, type specimens and historical field books.

Implementing DMPTool  [Data Management Planning Tool]

Hong Ma
This poster will outline the implementation, customization, promotion and training strategies used to introduce the DMPTool  [Data Management Planning Tool] software to STEM faculty.

Kindred Works: developing a content-based recommendation service for WorldCat

Diane Vizine-Goetz, JD Shipengrover, Roger Thompson, Harry Wagner
Kindred Works is a demonstration interface built upon an experimental content-based recommendation service.

LibX 2.0

Annette Bailey
LibX 2.0 enriches library users' web environment with librarian developed web applications.

"Pop-up" Your Data!

Andrea Leonard
Create a paper "pop-up" of the metadata exchange between your e-resources systems, such as serials management, databases, and link resolvers, to help you visualize, follow, and troubleshoot the communications.

Research Data Management Training for Graduate Students: An Iterative Approach

Rebecca Reznik-Zellen
This poster will describe the processes, challenges, and outcomes of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries’ Data Working Group’s series of data management training workshops for graduate students

Robust ‘Altmetrics’ as a Framework for Measuring Item Usage and Researcher Impact in Institutional Repositories

Stacy Konkiel
This poster explores the value of alternative measures of research impact (“altmetrics”) for institutional repositories, and how existing tools to view and track such metrics can be implemented.

Taking Risks: Improving Productivity, Collaboration, Accountability, and Transparency by Adopting New Project Management Techniques

Mark P. Baggett
This poster will demonstrate how harnessing available project management tools and adopting a formal decision-making process can improve interdepartmental transparency, accountability, productivity, and collaboration.

Using the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit to Inform the Development of a Research Data Registry

Gail Steinhart, Leslie McIntosh, Kathy Chiang, Dianne Dietrich, Wendy Kozlowski, Huda Khan, Sarah Wright
We describe the modification and application of the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit to inform the design of DataStaR, a semantic web application intended to serve as a research data registry.