2008 LITA National Forum Program Material

Civil Rights Digital Library

P. Toby Graham, Director, Digital Library of Georgia

Crowdsourcing Digitization: Harnessing Workflows to Increase Output

Gretchen Gueguen and Ann Hanlon, University of Maryland

The State of Technology Access and Funding in U.S. Public Libraries: A National Study

Larra Clark and Carrie Lowe, ALA

The American Library Association (ALA) and the Information Institute at Florida State are encouraging public libraries to participate in their annual survey of public library public computer and Internet access as part of the Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the ALA. The survey is Web-based and accessible at http://www.plinternetsurvey.org through November 7. Many libraries already have been invited to participate as part of the survey sample, but all public library responses are welcome. The study directors are Denise M. Davis and Larra Clark, and the survey builds on studies of public library Internet connectivity conducted since 1994 by Drs. John Carlo Bertot and Charles R. McClure. Many state libraries use these data for peer comparison, budget requests, advocacy, testimony before legislative bodies, and much more. A high survey response rate is critical for such uses to continue. It is our hope to achieve a high enough response rate to permit analysis of data from all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. The study offers the most current and comprehensive look at technology access and funding in U.S. public libraries. Last year's findings were published in September, and the final report is available as a downloadable PDF at http://www.ala.org/ala/research/initiatives/plftas/index.cfm or as a bound book through the ALA Store at http://www.alastore.ala.org/.

Abstract and Outline

Using Open Source Software to Develop a Digital Video Library

Leanne Strum, Regent University Library

Program Document

User-Centered Design for Humanities Collections within a Digital Library

Mark Phillips and Kathleen Murray, University of North Texas

Program Document

LibX – Enhancing User Access to Library Resources

Annette Bailey, University Libraries at Virginia Tech

Portals to Learning: What librarians can learn from video game design

Nicholas Schiller, Washington State University

Distributed Digital Preservation Networks: Three Working Examples

  • Rachel Howard, University of Louisville
  • Robert H. McDonald, San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Richard Pearce-Moses, Arizona State Library and Archives
  • Aaron Trehub, Auburn University

Podcasting for Public Librarians 101: Or, If a Children's Librarian Can Do This, So Can You!

Susan Poulter, Nashville Public Library

Program Document

Course Management Systems: Integrating Library Content, Panel Discussion

  • Elizabeth Black, Ohio State University Libraries
  • Jason Casden, North Carolina State University Libraries
  • Kim Duckett, North Carolina State University Libraries
  • Don Kim, Murray State University

Re-swizzling the IT Enterprise for the Next Generation: Creating a Strategic and Organizational Model for Effective IT Management

Program Document

Maurice York, North Carolina State University Libraries

Don't Make Me Choose! (or, Just Get What I Need!): Making It Simple to Borrow

Program Document

Jean Rainwater and Bonnie Buzzell, Brown University Library

Institutional Repositories: Design and Development, Panel Discussion

  • Shu Liu, Colorado State University
  • Yongli Zhou, Colorado State University
  • Bradley D. Faust, Ball State University
  • Tabatha Becker, University of Colorado
  • David Hodgins, University of Colorado at Colorado

Five-minute Madness

Bringing Information Literacy into the Social Sphere: A Case Study Using Social Software to Teach Information Literacy at Wake Forest University

Erik Mitchell, Susan Sharpless Smith, and Caroline Numbers, Wake Forest University

Program Document

ALA Washington Office update

Carrie Lowe and Tim Vollmer, ALA Washington Office

Library 2.0 PDQ: Meeting the Challenges of the Rapid Growth of Distance Learning and Off-Site Courses at a University Regional Campus

Program Document

John J. Burke and Beth Tumbleson, Miami University

How We Stuffed the Six Floors of Milner Library into the Palm of Your Hand

Sean Walton, Illinois State University

Hacking Web 2.0: Protecting wikis, blogs and SQL databases

Program Document

Jason Battles, University of Alabama Libraries and Dale Poulter, Vanderbilt University

Putting the Library Website in Their Hands: The Advantages and Challenges of a Homegrown Content Management System

Program Document

Rachel Vacek, University of Houston Libraries

Use of Digital Displays in a Library Environment

Program Document

Keith Morgan and Timothy Mori, North Carolina State University Libraries

Building your own collaborative Web applications with Drupal, an Open Source Content Management Software

Program Document

Weiling Liu, University of Louisville

A Faceted Browsing Approach to Duke's Digital Collections: Using Open-Source Platforms to Enhance the User Experience

Will Sexton and Sean Aery, Duke University Libraries

The Chronopolis: Digital Preservation Archive Development and Demonstration Program

Program Document

  • Robert H. McDonald, San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Ardys Kozbial, University of California, San Diego Libraries

Navigate Library Mazes through Online Interactive Map

Program Document

Yongli Zhou, Colorado State University Libraries

Building a Web Based Laboratory for Library Users

Program Document

  • Jason Battles, University of Alabama Libraries
  • Jody Combs, Vanderbilt University

Web Site Redesign: Perspectives from the Field, Panel Discussion

  • Robin Leech, Oklahoma State University Libraries
  • Amelia Brunskill, Dickinson College
  • Edward M. Corrado, Binghamton University
  • Elizabeth Black, Ohio State University Libraries
  • Russell Schelby, Ohio State University Libraries

Participation and Power: Combining Community Features with Existing Metadata in NextGen Public Interfaces

Program Document

  • Kelly M. Vickery, University of Kentucky
  • Dinah Sanders, Innovative Interfaces

Universal Search Solution - NELLCO's IMLS National Leadership Grant

Program Document

Tracy L. Thompson, New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO)

Optimizing Library Resources for Screen Readers

Program Document

Nina McHale, Auraria Library in Denver

WorldCat Local – a Statewide Discovery Toolkit Project

Program Document

Jan Ison and Pat Boze, Lincoln Trail Libraries System

Illogical Students: Don't Blame 'Em, Game 'Em

Marsha Spiegelman and Richard Glass, Nassau Community College

Poster Sessions

Get Infected: How Viral Marketing Can Help Your Library

Julie D. Shedd, Mississippi State University Libraries

Using del.icio.us Bookmarks and Tags to Create a Virtual Reference Desk

Poster Documentation

Mark Sanders, East Carolina University

Don't Be Selfish, Give a Little

Bobby Goff, Mississippi State University Libraries

A Study of User Information Searching Behaviors in the University of Alabama Community

Poster Documentation

Suhua Fan, University of Alabama Libraries

Communal reference blogging within the academic library

Margaret Smith, New York University's Bobst Library

Little Big Brother: Find out who is coming to your site... and what they are doing

Clay Hill, Mississippi State University Libraries

Planting 2.0 Seeds in the Academic Library Community Garden

Poster Document

Karen Reiman-Sendi, Shevon Desai, Sue Wortman, and Donna Hayward, University of Michigan

Mentoring Interactively (MIing): new tools for librarian recruitment and retention or how we can build bridges between boomers and next-gen librarians

Lisa Gieskes, ECPI College of Technology